Friday, May 20, 2011


it was crazy bright up on our roof when we took these pix. I could barely keep my eyes open... but check out my new hat! how perfect is it??? it's amazingly floppy but has shape, has a rad leather band with metal hearts!!! I got it at wasteland last night.

Omg! Excuse my hair. It needs a minor. Yes. Minor trim.(ok medium trim... ok a decent trim) I haven't cut the ends for who knows how long. I always pop into Chaz' chair when he has a second from his busy day. He's only reshaped the layers since i've been on this quest to grow my hair extremely long.

This is how it looks air dried. No fuss. Wake up and go. But as soon as I got to the salon i grabbed the Wen texture paste and worked it in a twisting motion into the ends section by section. Look below at all the pix to see what a big difference it made. More polish with the texture that i love.

after work we popped into Raggedy Threads on our way to dinner in little tokyo.

Jaime picked out this dress for me! So cute!
She alway seems to know what I'm into! Love her!!

Ooooooh and See! Look at my ends! Rad. Right!! :)

Check out our spaz of a dog who just realized this loveseat exists.








check out these dress/overalls! so cute!

I also picked up this rad bucket bag that i'm going to be taking to Willie's for a little leather lovin' tomorrow. the bag is in excellent conition, but the leather is a little dry and i'm afraid it's going to crack. i know they'll end up making it look newer than new (without making it look too new).

one more of the ham.

blue dress purple flowers

dress : f21. boots : frye.

Monday, May 16, 2011

wildfox love.

Worked with the Wildfox crew for another shoot today up in Malibu! I love them! They are so awesome and just super rad! Mark Hunter aka the cobrasnake was the man behind the lens and the super cute Anja Konstantinova was the model.

I can't wait to see the images from today!! I'm also super stoked to see the images from last resort shoot that we shot up in palm springs which was shot a couple weeks ago.

keep your eye out for what the wildfox crew has in store you guys, it's loooove!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zzyzx Rd. / FFF

Tonight we went to our very bestest friend Peter's Art show entitled Zzyzx Rd. / FFF. If you are in LA you should check it out at Galerie Anais at Bergamot Station.

You can't tell but her dress was on backwards! (by accident! she realized it halfway thru the art show)


The artist and his lovely wife.

Two thumbs up!

This is me pretending to be thoughtfully introspective.

This is me pretending to inspect the piece closer.

This was the best piece. It was called 74 degrees ON ON OFF ON.

Thank you Samantha for always taking the radest pictures of us!