Tuesday, November 30, 2010


wanna know how i got these awesome waves without any use of a heating tool?
mind you my hair is super straight asian hair and i was able to achieve it :)

last night i cleansed my hair with WEN cleanser.

before towel drying i put about 5 pumps wen cleanser as a leave in concentrating on mid-shaft to ends first and working it through and squeezing out excess. then raking the remaining product through my whole head, never applied directly on scalp. *number of pumps depends on texture of hair and length of hair.

then put about 5 pumps wen styling cream concentrating on mid-shaft to ends first and working it through and squeezing out excess. then raking the remaining product through my whole head, never applied directly on scalp. *number of pumps depends on texture of hair and length of hair.

towel dried my hair for a second...

then i flip my head upside down. grabbed all my hair to create a high ponytail and started twisting the hair in a counter-clock wise motion into a high chignon and wrapped it with a scrunchie.

slept with it over night.

took it down the next morning.

sexy textured beachy hair.

if a few pieces are still a little damp in the morning just let it air dry and do not touch!

this gum is awesome!

jesse gave me a piece today. and upon chewing i observed that it kinda tasted like chocolate...hmmmmm1?!?! i'm just chewing away...chew chew chew. and i'm still thinking to myself whoa why does this gum taste like a mint chocolate chip. so i finally ask jesse "why does this taste like chocolate?! isn't supposed to be minty?! does my mouth taste like chocolate?!" he finally shows me the package and i'm like ooooooooooooooooooooooh!! most awesome gum ever!!

early xmas gifts....

yea. i was kinda excited and started ripping open the package before jesse could get a picture.

alexander wang sydney back pack! this is the ultimate of my backpack week obsession. last qvc trip, i was being ocd on getting the perfect little backpack. i think i got 3 in one week, one on ebay, jesse got me a vintage one from oou, and this one. yes.

weeeee. i've wanted these forever.. and i finally got it! thank you love!!

thank you theoutnet.com for having such a rad alexander wang sale!! christmas totally came early! BUT even MORE thank you to my awesome husband who got this for me!! love love love.

at a crossroads

I just did my half yearly closet purge. And I have to admit my friends, co-workers, and a few vintage stores way scored.

Tomorrow I pack to peace out to the east coast for a week for work. I should just keep a suitcase with a week's worth of clothes packed at all times.

My obsession at the moment, if you can't tell from my latest blog posts are these over the knee socks from American Apparel. I think I have every color now thanks to the Black Friday sale. Sorry east coast but these suckers are staying here in LA!

Oh and speaking of work, if you haven't tried out the Wen by Chaz Dean product line yet, you need to! December 6 all day and night on QVC he is going to have an AMAZING deal that he will be sharing with everyone.

ps. the new Pomegranate cleanser is the almighty YUMS.
check out the flyer below for showtimes.

And speaking of the Wen flyer, this is the first one where I styled all the girls that appear in it! Yay!! I also did the colors and cuts on Angela (the blonde) and Azura (the brunette with long hair and fringe) Wooooo! If any of you are down in LA, come see me at Chaz Dean Studio!!!

Wen by Chaz Dean show - Sunday December 5 - 9pm PST/ Monday December 6 - 12am EST
Under the Tree - Monday December 6 - 2am PST/ 5am EST
QVC This Morning Fashion Forum - Monday December 6 4am PST/ 7am EST
Wen by Chaz Dean two hour show - Monday December 6 - 6am PST/ 9am EST
Q Check Gifts - Monday December 6 - 9am PST/ 12pm EST
Wen by Chaz Dean show - Monday December 6 - 12pm PST/ 3pm EST
Beauty Q & A - Monday December 6 2pm PST/ 5pm EST
Great Gifts - Monday December 6 3pm PST/ 6pm EST
PM style - Monday December 6 4pm PST/ 7 pm EST
Wen by Chaz Dean show - Monday December 6 - 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

OMG I am going to be up for over 30+ hours (no joke) rockin' some hair with the Wen by Chaz Dean team!! so please watch :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

flea market sunday.

totally scored at the flea market today while jesse scored on shooting fashionable street style girls for rackedLA.

i've been on the search for riding boots but couldn't commit to paying so much on them. today at the flea market, jesse spotted the perfect pair for me. it's exactly what i was looking for. and vintage. only problem is, it's a bit tight on the calves which is so weird because i've never had that issue with a boot before but the vendor assured me it was because it was so cold and vintage that the leather tightened up... so we shall see. if not, i will be heading to a cobbler asap to stretch them out a bit..

on our way out, i spotted a dope faux fur coat. it's being washed as we speak. originally i was going to head to the dry cleaners to get it cleaned but impatient me wanted to get it cleaned asap. it's on the second round in the washer on super gentle. so we shall see how it turns out but i have a feeling it's going to be alright after checking the first wash:)

photos after it's all done.


Totally scored this vintage sweater from Wasteland and I kinda love it! I'm a little nuts on oversized vintage sweaters at the moment and over the knee socks(of which I bought almost every color from American Apparel on black friday).

oh and i'm totally wearing a mini-skirt under this. kinda hard to tell in the photos but i'm definitely rockin' the world's shortest skirt that i didn't know was the world's shortest skirt until i got to work to pick a tube of color that fell from the counter, totally bend with the knees moment....

and yay! look at jesse! he's wearing an oversized cable knit funnel scarf which he was so hesitant on purchasing and now he's been wearing it two days straight. all i have to say to you love is, i told you so ;)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Just realized i've posted 60 looks to weardrobe! Whoa! I know it doesnt compare to others, but i think it's a lot! That's either really cool or really vain. :p

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

before and afters.

these are sara's before photos!
doesn't really look like a before photo does it?!
she is so pretty!!


it's been awhile since i trimmed her up locks.
click the link below to check out the first time i got my hands on her hair:
sara's first cut
it's grown right?!?! love it!!

the goal was to keep her hair long. but since it had been awhile since i trimmed up her ends, i gave her a good clean up and re-shaped her layers like crazy so she had more movement. lots of weight taken out so she can do her awesome wavy "i just woke up and it looks all tousled and perfect" hair or when she decides she wants to be fancy she can rock out an awesome blow out and be all victoria's secret hair :)


before blowing it out she remarked how rad it was going to look all natural and after i blew it out, she said "this is the haircut i've always wanted". awww totally made my day :) thanks love :)

this is amanada. her sister brittany works for the studio and i've known this girl since she was in high school. isn't she cute?! today was the first time i officially got to play with her color and she let me do what i do, thanks girl!! i wanted more contrast so i added mid-lights and low-lights along with her blonde so she can be more low-maintance with her hair.



kinda amazing adding different tones of color can actually make some of the lighter pieces pop even more so right?! i also got to experiment with different foil placements on her, once again thanks love. i'm pretty stoked on how it turned out!!! and she came out loving it, yay! :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter and the Long Walk

Went to the Grove to pick up Anna Lee's Alexander Wang Rocco bag that was thankfully repaired by Barney's. The piping had worn thru on a spot and they were able to fix it at no cost! Thank you so much Barney's!!! That is customer service! :D

We also saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was good at the beginning, super long and boring in the middle, and kinda meh at the end. Obvious that they wanted to break up the last part so everyone would have to buy two tickets. Not cool!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

small gift.

We went to the Sanrio 50th Anniversary party in santa monica. It was F'N COLD AND WINDY. Anna was dressed for cuteness not for standing out in the cold for an hour... more on that later. First some outfit shots...

When we got there we heard the security guards talking about an hour and a half wait. What? Couldn't be... Unfortunately when we finally made it to the entrance there was a HUGE line, like 200-300 people. We decided to wait it out as we drove all the way out there...

When we finally got in... CHAOS.

Anna got some ice cream.

We checked out the art.. which was probably the best part (and the only part without a line)

There were giant balloon heads of the characters, like mighty gods in the sky.

Thank you to the lady who told me I was doing this wrong... you'll see on the bottom right i finally put my head thru the hole. thanks random lady!

Nothing says hello kitty like nachos and a churro?

Anna's new car.


It was a long wait for the bus. :(