Sunday, October 30, 2011

anniversary (finally)

we finally got to go out to a fancy dinner for our 2 year wedding anniversary... just a month late! haha. we've been crazy busy between work and the new puppy. we had dinner at rivera which is CRAZY delicious, but definitely one of those expensive/tiny portion kinda places. their drinks were amazing! best mojito/margaritas in LA (according to jesse) and the chocolate torte with caramel and pineapples is not to be missed(and you wont miss it, because you'll probably still be hungry after your entrees)... but the best part of the night was the floor in the entrance to the met lofts next door. it lights up! kinda like piano floor in Big but without the music.

ps. HOW CUTE is my new clutch that i scored at the American Apparel flea market sale for $1. ONE DOLLAR. and yes, it's all i've been talking about. in fact this whole outfit is a total score. vintage skirt/jumper pants for 2 bucks thrifted, tanktop 4 bucks from AA, shoes on sale at UO for 29 bucks(originally 300+), and hat for 9 bucks.

*missing are pix of the appetizers and desert... they got munched asap.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


we finally saw the billboard for Chaz Dean Studio! yay! Jesse took the photo and he also designed the billboard. double yay! i'm so proud of him! it looks sooooo good. it went up a couple weeks ago, but with everything that's been happening we really haven't had a chance to go see it! it's so rad!! and huge!! if you are in west hollywood on the strip, it's at sunset and alta loma facing west on top of the actor's studio building.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 eyes.

I got new frames!! Yaaaaay!

As much as I love my prism glasses, it was time for options since I can't really wear my contacts anymore :( boooooo dry eyes!

A few nyc trips ago my friend Rigo took me along with him to check out the Warby Parker showroom. He ended up getting three pairs and I thought he was cray cray but omg now I know the reason why he did because I ended up ordering three frames myself!

I fell in love with the crosby in black, huxley in tortoise, and tenley in burgundy. I'm tempted to order another crosby in greystone....and I kinda want the griffin in greystone too! Omg.

3 pairs of prescription glasses?!?! And you're thinking holy sheesh is this girl made out of money??!? And does she really need that many glasses? And the answer to the first question is no. And to the second question is yes, I like having lots of options :)

So check this out...This is the best part:

These glasses are not just made of pure awesome but they're so freaking affordable! $95 for prescription anti reflective lenses plus cool hip frames designed by warby parker. and if you have a super strong prescription like I do, (like you can probably see the future when you wear my glasses), for an extra $30 you have the option to the super thin lenses.

So yeah, its a crazy good deal, the price i paid for 3 pairs of glasses is not even half of what i paid for my prisms + prescription lenses. So yes, thank you Warby Parker for giving me options to style my outfits even more.

They have this awesome home try on program where you can try on 5 pairs at no cost for 5 days so you can check out and think about what frames you wanna rock out to. Love!

Go to for more info. Oh and this isn't a sponsored post, i'm just crazy happy with my frames! :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

hello, my name is mookie!

We have a new member of the family and his name is Mookie! He was a present for our 2nd wedding anniversary.

Also you might notice my hair... check it out! it's a dusty pink ombre! how rad is that? I did it a few nights ago. The last Thakoon runway show, charlotte free and this cute little asian girl from Singapore inspired me to add the pink. I didn't want it as intense and I really wanted it to work well with my ombre. I started with "party time pink" mixed in some 613 cleanser to dilute it to make a nice muted organic pink(with the added benefit of being a conditioning treatment - win win). I think it turned out awesome!

Most of the pictures we have of him look like this. He really likes(to eat) the camera.

not sure what's going on here, but you can see he gets along with cooper(kinda).

Monday, October 3, 2011

Wildfox Resort 2011

Yay! Here is Wildfox Resort 2011 shoot that I did in Palm Springs! It looks amazing!!! It was such a fun day! Click the link or scroll down to see all the amazing photos!