Thursday, February 25, 2010

new glasses... FINALLY.

I've been sitting on these Prisms for over a month with no prescription and it was driving me nuts! So happy to finally be wearing them, even though they are making me a little sick... new prescription and a bigger lens size is kind of making me seasick. :( but i still love them!!!


i caved in and got them!! thanks jeffrey campbell for knocking chanel off. :p

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i've always had a thing for braids. it's just so young and fun. alexander wang's spring 2009 show had his models rockin' the tousled one side super long braid...

i just about died. so hot! i posted these pics back in september and i'm still in love with this look. something about this style gives it this edgy yet free spirit vibe, i just love it. it also comes in handy for those lazy hair days. :)

i was reading because i'm addicted's blog and she posted these pics. i have a feeling braids aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

Which is funny because it reminds me of a shoot Jesse and I did for fun way back in 2008.

Photos from and Vogue Paris March via Tobacco and leather and because i'm addicted

Saturday, February 20, 2010

before and puppy

This is Martha. This was her first time with me and she found the studio through Chaz's commercial. Guess which one is the before and after?! haha right. Seriously this is how she came in today. Crazy right? Today we shaped up her layers so she can pretty much just wake up and go. She has an amazing wave to her hair and with the right cut and product she will be able to rock those waves. I suggested using WEN cleansing conditioner as a leave in along with a few drops of WEN oils mixed together and applied to soaking wet hair. I also suggested using the Wen styling creme with a few drops of WEN oil applied right after the leave in. ALL applied before she gets out of the shower. She had a wedding to attend tonight so I blew her hair out.

Check out the color. OMG. I was soooo happy when she said the words. Dark Chocolate Brown. OMG. It's exactly where I wanted to take her. I wanted to cancel all that brassiness that was happening on those ends and on top of that she had about an inch re-growth along with her grays coming in. So today we did a base color on the roots and a glossing on the ends to deepen and richen her color while canceling the brassiness that was happening to her ends. Our glossings are so rad along with color we add vegetable color, WEN cleansers, and WEN oils for extra conditioning. love love love it!

Now check these before and after's done by CHAZ DEAN himself. He is kind of amazing, just kind of, haha. He wanted me to post this on our blog even though he has own website, haha <3 BUT OMG check out the ladies. KIND OF AMAZING right?!?!

and this is the BEST before and after of the day.......

Oh and one more thing... how CUTE is this puppy?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

this post brought to you by the heart shaped leaf and ella.

ps. please don't mind some of the semi blurry photos... jesse got a new lens of ebay that he is testing out. ha!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

camera fun time.

taken through out Chaz Dean Studio. Isn't the landscaping amazing?!?!

anna - jumper: silence + noise
black sweater: gap
wedges: Ashish for Topshop

jesse - white v-neck: uniqlo
denim: J Brand
vest: paul smith
shoes: converse
hat: from Anna's closet