Thursday, December 30, 2010

late night balayage session.

just got back from canada late last night for the holidays, pictures soon to come.

feeling under the weather all day. raining all day on top of that. today consisted of asian horror movies in bed. got bored. then thought to myself "hey i wanna balayage my hair" so i got up and did it. this is the result. look at previous post for a before shot. :)

ombre rocks the free world!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

quick shots from jesse and more chaz dean holiday party!!

so yes. as you can see. i did my hair. but right when i got out of our loft and into our car, i was over it because it was raining like crazy.. so yes. quick second high chignon to the rescue!!!


chaz dean holiday party- photos from

thank you chaz for an amazing party! seriously best one ever! the rain made it raaaaaaad!! thank you thank you!!

here are a few from lookbookLA

hana mae lee! i've only known these pretty lady for a short amount of time. but i freakin' love her! she's soooooo dope! so goofy and just pure amazeballs!!

she made that jacket! not only is she a model/actress/goof ball but she's also a designer. check her out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


A few shots from shopping days:

Anna doesn't like to cook her own food unless it's korean bbq.

club nokia

the dandy warhols!

Friday, December 10, 2010

hey everrrrrrryone.

Hi! I'm Anna Lee, a stylist at Chaz Dean Studio and for the product line Wen By Chaz Dean in Los Angeles, California!

You might be visiting our blog for the first time because you just saw my tutorial "Round Brush Blow Dry" in an email from Wen Hair Care. Welcome! Here are a couple other videos you might be interested in!

This blog is about my life, my style and most importantly hair! I hope you enjoy it!

And for all my blog readers here is the video up at the Wen Hair Care youtube channel!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Darker My Love

We saw darker my love and delta spirit tonight at the music box in Hollywood. Great show, but during the last few songs all we could smell was the bacon wrapped hotdogs cooking outside...

so we got one. Notice it already has a bite out of it... someone was hungry!

Outfit shot. Meow.

We got a booth! yes!

Stripes, stripes.

Double Meow!

evil jesse.

happy couple.


anna looks hot here, i look like i'm sleeping. : p

And a few photos from Anna's arrival back to LA yesterday.