Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring on Main

As you can tell from my last two posts, the light pieces in my hair are back!!! I rocked it out with my own version of free form highlights in which I picked pieces here and there to accentuate my layers.

No balayage technique here. Same idea. Different execution. I highlighted a few pieces with good ole' foils (which i love to do... so neat and clean, that's the OCD in me)...

Puppy photo bomb!!!

pot pie from Pete's... you kinda bummed me out with your lack of deliciousness.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This was our last 24 hours. Apparently we are highly suggestible...

anthony bourdain's latest episode on Japan => Brittany Murphy's "The Ramen Girl" => Daikokuya ramen for lunch.

pretty no eye makeup anna lee.

whoa my hair is crazy... it's messy from the wind.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Coachella Day 3

day 3 bus ride.


woo coachella day 3!

So there was like only one of these slushy lemonade stands in the whole festival grounds. this stuff was the bomb and I can't believe we didnt find out where it was until day 3.

note to self, knit cap + desert = no bueno.

anna busted out this braid on herself during DFA1979's grating and annoying set. she did it without a mirror. skills.

she even grabbed pieces of hair underneath to incorporate it into the braid to make it look like a fish bone when you pulled the braid up. double skills!


i thought this would be an appropriate pic to end our coachella blog. dead on the hotel floor.

but i got up.

one more cute couple pic.

before i jump off the balcony... post coachella depression!

jk. we made it back without incident.

thank you room 7121! you rock!

Coachella Day 2

day 2 of the epic walk

me pretending to do the "WOO COACHELLA" thing that everyone does when they walk in... too bad this doesn't bleed over into everyone's real lives... it would be funny to see people shout out the name of a place every time they walked into it. "WOO HOME DEPOT!!!!!"

see epic light!

triple meow.

balloon photobomb.

props to anna for getting this one. i'm totally crushing the moon!

prettiest festival wife ever!

damn balloons again!

hi mo!