Monday, March 28, 2011

LA to the valley to LA to the OC.

so about two days ago we were at the beverly center and i tried these babies out.. julian louie for aldo "deanna"

passed on them because i am trying not to shop.

..but today when i woke up, for some odd reason, i was all about them. so i called up the beverly center and was informed they were sold out everywhere and i was like "buuuut it was just there?!!"

determined to not accept this situation we went on a mission to find them. i so thank my loving husband for putting up with my determination(or my craziness?). we called up the hollywood and highland location and no luck but they did say the sherman oaks location had one pair left in my size and they put them on hold for us. we get there and it turns out, it was a different shoe that they put on hold. not giving up, we decided to stop by the beverly center who said they would at least be able to order them for us. on our way jesse remembered there was an aldo on melrose, we stop by, they also did not have it, but the super cute sales girl all decked out like 90210 brenda in a super awesome way, was waaaaay amazing and helped us find a pair in my size all the way in brea. so yes, we drove to brea to get these babies. the sales girl in brea was also super cute and was so excited to help me out in my shoe quest. i love them!

i love this man and i'm going to miss him this week. thank goodness for facetime. :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

i don't knowwwww!

I love my husband! After work today we went to get a cover for my new iPad2. Jesse got me one for traveling and it's so RAD. I picked the tan leather apple smart cover... there really wasnt much to choose from at the apple store or bestbuy. I really wanted the DODOcase, but couldn't wait for it as i'm leaving for QVC on Monday morning. Don't forget to watch all day April 2nd for some yummy Wen By Chaz Dean products!! :)

ps. props to jesse again for finding this skirt upstairs at the Woori Market. No really! Can you believe that? It's from a grocery store... Little Tokyo is awesome!! It had a satin lining underneath and right when we got home he helped me cut it out for some amazing transparent goodness! $20 well spent!

pps. i also did my color myself again... can you tell? :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

ombre battle.

two different variations of ombre today.

check out the after photos below:

mo came over the other night and we added some sun-kissed highlights to her hair. today she came over to take some photos for her store with jesse and at the last minute i decided to pop in more light pieces on her ends for more beachy action.

and how awesome is she, she came over with bottega louie macroons and pizza and a yummy salad she made for us. omg. thanks love you are the best!!

my amazing girlfriend christina, who happens to be a super awesome stylist also came over. funny story. one day christina calls me and asks if i knew any stylists who was down to assist a Yu Tsai shoot featuring Zhang Ziyi so i called up Mo and she took the job. Today was the first time they met in person but it took them a good twenty minutes before they figured it out. ha!

we did her base color and added some ombre action to her hair. OMG so freakin' rad. it's so funky!! i am so in love and want this for my hair!! love love love and i think she is in love too!!

thank you so much for letting me play mo and chris. i am so happy you guys love it and i am so happy you guys finally met! i have a feeling you guys will become bff! you guys are the!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i have a new mo

this is mo. you may recognize her from her blog buttons and bows. she is so beautiful and so stylish, with an an amazing energy to match. look at her before photo below, it's not even a freakin' before photo.  we love this ladyface.

This all started with a bob.

Actually a facebook poll she took today about wether she should cut her long hair off into a short bob.  The plan was to do it on Thursday, but after spinning class tonight we decided to do it right away.  Why wait?  her and her friend Adrian, who also writes with Mo on another blog called the mixtape files came over. He's pretty awesome turns out he works out for Sassoon corporate offices so we connected right away and he geeked out on Jesse's toys and totally didn't care about my shoe wall, ugh whateva ;)

So yea back to Mo, thinking that her hair was damaged I was convinced that she should do it, but after assessing her hair in person, I realized it wasnt bad at all, since she had cut 4 inches off a few days ago.   I thought her hair was in really good shape.

Knowing that she was still debating on whether she should cut it off or not, the professional in me knew that she shouldn't and she should think of it even more carefully. I pointed out how long it would take to grow back to her length. The reality of cutting off all her hair set in pretty fast.  So we both decided to go a different route for now.  Knowing that she's a low maintenance no fuss kinda girl, we did some beachy sunkissed highlights. I may pop in a few more light pieces Thursday night when she comes over again, maaaaybe. But I think we are both on the right track. Thanks again Mo for letting me play <3

Monday, March 14, 2011

i have a new man

*please don't mind the purple spot. blame nikon and their cheap coatings on the 50mm 1.8 lens.

*and this is him "looking tough"

Rose Bowling

Today was a perfect sunny day and we made a trip out to the rose bowl flea market. On the way there we realized that we had lost an hour due to the time change.... we were sooooo close to actually doing something in the morning. haha! I guess it's a sign that we shouldnt try. We haven't been to the rose bowl in quite a while and the last time we were there it was like 95 degrees and we wandered around like we were lost in a desert. Thankfully this trip we had a plan and were able to walk the whole flea market and check out almost every booth. We scored some rad gold frames in great shape - one for $20 and one for $5 bucks! We also picked up a vintage iron fan and Anna got some boots and a tank top (for Coachella (of course!)).


the whole day i felt cooper's presence... i don't know why...

yes, i made her do this.

loot! we also got a free military surplus bag from the guy we bought the fan from. thanks!

After the flea market we had lunch at el compadre and drove down to melrose to look for a flat brimmed hat for Coachella for me.

So close... she forgot to draw in a mustache today.

sometimes i think anna is a better photographer than i am.

Right after this we got a parking ticket. Thanks for ruining our perfect day city of los angeles parking enforcement officer!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tokyo Backlight

Today we did a whole bunch of running around... burbank, century city, hollywood and ended up in little tokyo. We finally checked out the new location of Raggedy Threads and Jesse scored a sweet vintage detroit pistons t-shirt. We had dinner at Oomasa which is always delicious and you can't beat their dinner specials. Yum!

magic hour sun, please quit making my hair look so freakin' warm! thank you.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Check it out!!!!

Glitz, Glamour and Gwen

Check this out, it's about an amazing hairstylist and friend Jennifer MacDougall from Newfoundland and I make a little cameo at the end! :D

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Tonight was date night. Pete's Cafe (Deconstructed Ding Dong dessert... hello!) and Biutiful at the vista. It was raining but that just added to a perfect night. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rhea & Brittany

my co-workers/girlfriends came over yesterday and i kinda went ombre crazy on them!

i was trying out a new technique and this is the outcome!! i did a hybrid of balayage and foiling and as well rouching.

thanks rhea and britt for letting me play!! <3



please seek me :) or a professional if you want this look.