Wednesday, June 30, 2010

i love hair.

did a shoot yesterday for two print ads for my friend's upcoming dance productions. there were 3 girls and 3 boys. it was super busy but totally fun. worked with an awesome crew! thanks chris foster for hooking me up :)

i just took this from one of the model's twitter page:
keltie colleen who is absolutely fun and super sweet!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

pictures from $1sunday.

here are some pix from sunday! after jetrag we went and kicked around melrose and ended the day by scoring some halo halo from goldilocks... YUM!

omg lazy sunday. most def!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photos by Craig McDean, originally published in W (February 2009)

thank you christophwho

$1 sundays.

jetrag $1 sundays = way over-rated. no really. if you have the patience and are ok with getting down and dirty to look for finds and if you don't mind dirty fat old men who just happen to be "vintage shopping" too, then go for it!!

i should also warn you to look out for territorial shoppers that will claim a pile that they are looking through on the ground. no really, they do and can be a bit rude about it too! and last but not least, don't forget to bring hand sanitizer!! you totally can not forget that!!!

don't get me wrong, some people seem to have good luck here but the times that i have found stuff, i end up never wearing and eventually end up donating. i've gone a few times and i always think that "this next time will be different" and it's totally not. i pass the white flag on this one and call defeat!

we did manage to score a couple of cute vintage finds inside the store though... so it wasn't the ultimate defeat!! yay!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

weardrobe spotlight!

Hey how rad! Weardrobe has decided to feature my beautiful wife on their spotlight!!! thank you Weardrobe and check it out!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday funday.

Another beautiful day in Hollywood! The sun was shining and it was perfect weather. I dropped Anna off at work and ran some errands. One of which was getting my Xterra washed. They decided to throw in dousing the inside of my car with armor all as a bonus. great. thanks guys. So now every surface in my truck is sticky and gross and I hate the feeling of armor all when it gets on your hands. bleh.

It was great to see Annie, who came all the way from NYC to see Anna for a super cute haircut today. Right after Anna was done work we headed over to the farmer's market to get some Brazilian bbq. It's pretty much the fast food version of fogo de chao at 1/4 the price. Delish. We then caught Get Him to The Greek which was super hilarious. Sean Combs should probably win an oscar or something. :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

iphone photos.


picture of a picture.

photos are being edited as we speak!! so excited! lots of vintage, Brian Lichtenberg, and Eres!

model . Nina Smidt . NEXT
photographer . Jesse Fiorino
stylist . Christina Lewis
makeup . Alisa Chompupong
hair . Anna-Lee


model. Lexy Ferra
photographer . Jesse Fiorino
hair and styling . Anna-Lee

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

quick hello.

2 shoots and it's only wednesday!!

having a blast being creative.
working with an awesome team!!
will post as soon as they are ready!! :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long Beach

So we got up early on this beautiful sunny sunday morning to kick it out to long beach to check out the (from their website) LONG BEACH ANTIQUE & COLLECTIBLE FLEA MARKET held every 3rd Sunday in Long Beach, California. Over 800 dealers feature a huge selection of antiques, collectibles, vintage items and home furnishings for sale at bargain prices. Established in 1982, this event was named one of the TOP TEN FLEA MARKETS IN THE U. S. by Good Housekeeping Magazine and THE BEST SWAP MEET in Los Angeles by L. A. Magazine.

Well that all sounds great so we of course had to check it out...

One map. Check!

I'm really disappointed I didn't get this table. Whenever I saw something crazy that I liked I would say to Anna "I want that" to which she would reply "OK get it!" Best. wife. ever.

Cute sweater, but unfortunately she didn't realize it smelled like B.O. and she was freaking out about it all day after that... oh and it was missing the belt. :(

Churro and Water time!

Should have got this too. :(

After a while it all starts to blend together and the sun starts to mess with you. We left and kicked it back home to meet lexi. Anna was styling her hair for an event she had tonight.

Cooper had to get in this post. He was way crazy today

the master at work. :) ps. check out the cute panda slippers! :D

Anyone remember Eddie from Fraiser? Yeah, cooper does that staring thing too...

Anna's sun burn! yikes! no more bracelets for her.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Desiree and Sunshine

this is desiree! isn't she pretty! omg! it's been forever since she had a cut. so today i took a couple inches off and gave her more layers to get rid of all that weight so she can rock her natural soft waves.

I love long hair in general, but i especially love long hair in the summer!!! i just love it! it's so easy to manage because you have that option of being lazy and when you do, you get that tousled beachy look (with the right products WEN Cleanser (as a leave in) and Wen Styling Creme applied when wet and i just let it air dry). And if you decide to blow it out and style it, it becomes this bombshell hair. just love it! (and you can tell she does too)

On the way home we went to my friend's vintage store which is right around the corner from our new loft! It's called Raggedy Threads and if you are ever in the arts district you have to check it out!