Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I need to start making more hair tutorial videos. I think I've said that a few times, but no really, I should. Today I stumbled on my own video today on youtube and watched it and the end result of this tutorial is frickin' sick! Dude, I know it's my hair but OMG it's insane! Color and cut was done by Chaz Dean(thank you!) and speaking of, i recently got a new color and cut from Chaz - here's a hint, I'm back to light - and peace out ombre! Pix soon!

this is jesse, the above video is great too, especially at 8:24. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Way, way, WAY overdue Pioneertown post.


These pictures are from July of last year when we drove up to Pioneertown, CA for the wildfox spring 2012 shoot. We were holding off on posting them until the shoot was released and kinda forgot about them! I'm wearing the same dress two posts back... that's what reminded me!

always time to stop for the barney's outlet! 20110727-P1030082.jpg 20110727-P1030093.jpg 20110727-_D7X3698.jpg 20110727-_D7X3528.jpg 20110727-_D7X3533.jpg 20110727-_D7X3589.jpg 20110727-_D7X3625.jpg 20110727-_D7X3630.jpg 20110727-_D7X3564.jpg 20110727-_D7X3552.jpg 20110727-_D7X3642.jpg 20110727-_D7X3475.jpg 20110727-_D7X3665.jpg 20110727-P1030098.jpg 20110727-P1030109.jpg 20110727-P1030123.jpg

each of the girls had pieces in their hair, jesse took this photo while i was prepping Chantal's(redhead).

20110727-_D7X3711.jpg 20110728-P1030134.jpg 20110728-P1030137.jpg 20110728-P1030142.jpg 20110728-P1030153.jpg 20110728-P1030156.jpg 20110728-P1030166.jpg 20110728-P1030171.jpg 20110728-P1030184.jpg 20110728-P1030188.jpg 20110728-P1030193.jpg 20110728-P1030164.jpg 20110727-_D7X3712.jpg 20110727-_D7X3714.jpg 20110727-_D7X3716.jpg 20110728-P1030147.jpg 20110728-P1030149.jpg 20110728-P1030150.jpg 20110728-P1030168.jpg

Thursday, April 12, 2012

BBLA Opening Night

Last Thursday we attended the opening party of Buttons and Bows LA! It was crazy packed, we've never seen a store opening/event so well attended. Check them out if you are ever in DTLA! Karen and Mo are just about the sweetest most stylish ladies you could ever meet!

_DSC3953.jpg _DSC3970.jpg _DSC3974.jpg 530287_365214236855035_103593703017091_1030365_340338063_n.jpg 547862_10151482503420788_593095787_23814563_1163234015_n.jpg 459718_352077638178297_297513850301343_989772_1137252722_o.jpg

Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's been a while!!! Sorry we've both been so busy working! Hopefully we can keep posting. :) We went to Wolfslair Biergarten tonight for dinner after work and it was pretty rad! Much better than the place that was there before. See you soon! _DSC4032.jpg




_DSC4020.jpg _DSC4081.jpg