Friday, January 29, 2010

Hollywood Daze

Surprise Haircuts!!

Anna's lady -


Chaz' lady -


Video :

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Miriam and Julie Makeovers!

this is miriam. this was her first visit with me.

color. i did highlights and lowlights on her. two different tones of highlights done with hi-lift color and two different tones of lowlights. she had been doing base colors prior but in my opinion she really didn't need them just yet. she only had a few grays here and there but not enough to be a slave to getting her base regularly done. she also wasn't a fan of streaky/stripy highlights and i'm not either!!

cut. she wanted to keep her length. her last haircut was 4 weeks ago. so today i dusted her ends. her haircut had really had no shape so today i put in some longer layers in there..not too crazy since her hair is lacking density.



this is julie. she's my most favorite pilates instructor ever! amazing woman! she finally came into the studio. this was also her first visit with us.

color. i did her base with a hi-lift color and did a color conditioning aromatherapy mask. i eventually would love to do some highlights and lowlights on her. we were going to today but she was in a time crunch.

cut. chaz did her amazing haircut which is going to allow her to grow it out to the length that she wants. she wanted my haircut and she was in the right hands because chaz is the one who cuts my hair. thank you thank you chaz!!! :)



ugh. glasses week. ugh.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buddha Bark Golden Globes Celebrity and Canine Style Lounge

Last weekend we worked the Buddha Bark Golden Globes Celebrity and Canine Style Lounge hosted at Chaz Dean Studio. There were SO MANY CUTE DOGS IT WAS NUTS. Anna did blowouts and I shot portraits. You can check out the pictures here!