Saturday, July 31, 2010

Come out to play.

Sarah couldn't come out to play. So she only gets one picture.

We saw dinner for schmucks  tonight and it was really funny!!!  There were some super hilarious parts where the whole theatre was cracking up and couldn't stop laughing.  You really can't beat any movie that has Paul Rudd, Jemaine Clement,  Zach Galifianakis AND Steve Carell.  

Thursday, July 29, 2010


We did a shoot today for our good friend Samantha and it was WINDY.  Every third frame or so her hair just exploded.  Thank god Anna was there to smooth it out over and over and over again.  On top of that she did some excellent reflector work.  Best wife ever! :)

It was a super fun day and I'm editing down the images now! 

Hallway 2: The Villains Tavern.

Second hallway post today!  woo!

So we got hungry and decided to go out and try the ramen at daikokuya... which is something we've been trying to do ever since we moved downtown.  However, there is always a huge line there or as was the case tonight... no parking. :(  so no ramen for us. 

However, all was not lost as we decided to check out VILLAINS TAVERN - which opened its doors 3 days ago and is literally a 1 minute walk from our loft.  When I heard it was by the same person who owns the 4100 bar in silver lake I was super excited as that was Anna and my place to go for drinks in Silver Lake.  So expectations were high and we weren't disappointed!  Its got a huge patio, two bars, free onsite parking AND they serve food!  Yay!  Instant new hangout for us.  It's crazy to see this place here as we're on kind of on the edge of a wasteland, but it is very, very welcome. But seriously this place looks like a tim burton movie set. So cool to have it right next to us!  woo! only in LA! 

anna - aritzia TNA flannel. frankie b skinny jeans. silence and noise tank. aldo wedges. alexander wang rocco duffle

jesse - all saints leather jacket and boots. h&m top

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


awesome thirft finds today.  long crochet dress that i've been searching for in deep purple. margiela dress. and a blouse/jumper dealie.

we also checked out it's a wrap. it's basically a thrift store that contains wardrobe from film and television productions. all pretty much new items for super cheap. their pricing was kinda wierd though. some items where i thought would totally be high were super low and vice versa. hmmm?!?!

i scored on some frankie b super shredded skinny jeans from the set of cbs ghost whisperer.  jesse scored too. he got a super soft cashmere sweater from nbc heros and a john varvatos shirt from the set of cbs criminal minds. which happens to be one of my favorite shows!! yeaa!

anna - forever21 dress. silence and noise tank. alexander wang rocco duffle

Huffington Post

My pix and a story about Chaz on the Huffington Post! 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hollyrod 2010 DesignCare event - Naeem Khan

Here are some backstage photos from the Naeem Khan Autumn/Winter 2010 collection show for the 12th annual Hollyrod Fashion DesignCare event last night held at Ron Burkle's estate.

I was so excited that it was his collection we were doing this year. I love his designs and seeing the pieces up close and the level of detail that he puts in each piece is seriously incredible. His wife's Ranjana Khan accessories were off the chain, literally!! so funky and edgy. Husband and wife duo collaborations are just the best!! ;)

Mad props to Chaz, Cynthia, Hector, Rigo, Tyron, and myself (ha!) for rocking out the disheveled elegance look of a messy pompadour and french twist combination. We couldn't have done it without the help from Jessica, Danny, Shiri, and Brittany.

Congratulations to Chaz for receiving the Angel on the Path award!

Jesse and I didn't really get to walk around and check out the event since he was also busy shooting photos for Chaz while I was pretty much busy backstage all night. But here are some photos from backstage to check out :)

actress and friend Kerri Lynn Pratt