Monday, November 28, 2011

The Chop.

yay! i got my hair cut!

i was thinking something like this, but maggie and jesse talked me out of it.

so i told chaz he could cut it however he wanted. :)

and i love it! it looks so amazing and my head feels so light now. it really shows more of my natural hair color without losing too much of the ombre effect! thank you chaz!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mmmmmmmmmm. Pork Belly

so this is the most delicious thing in the whole world right now... it's the berkshire pork belly at gingergrass. this was our second meal there this week. it's SO GOOD... mmm hungry now. if you haven't been to gingergrass before now is the perfect time, they added a bunch of stuff to their menu and it's all super delish. check it out!

and this is of course the utility/phone box dealie that Anna and I had our first real conversation next to on our first real date for an hour or so waiting for a table. there might not have been an annaleeandjesse without it. :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

new tattoos

Yay! we got our anniversary tattoos today! Adam @ Dark Horse Tattoo did them, and it was a great experience. Anna came up with the idea this morning when we were printing out samples of fonts. We'd been thinking of ideas forever and had been really back and forth on a lot of them... sometimes the best ideas just pop into your head at the right time. We drove down there without an appointment and luckily got them done right away. They turned out so rad! They both really compliment the tattoo's we got from Taku (who is super rad and also at Dark Horse - he's done almost all of Anna's tattoos) last year for our anniversary.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

mini post

We've been crazy busy with the pup and work still but we snuck out to the rose bowl flea market after an early morning booking today. we were looking for house stuff, but the selection was pretty disappointing and everything is TOO expensive. boo. and i didn't buy that hat, as you can see it looks too small! no hat for me :(

i did score a cute bag for $15 bucks though, so it wasn't a total loss.

And last night we brought mookie out for some art appreciation at Greene Park Gallery. He was the star of the show!

bonus cute brothers pic.


October you were a crazy month!!! Packed with shoots. Wen By Chaz Dean shows. Traveling back east for work. Traveling to Hawaii for work with Wildfox. Yes. I finally can say I've been to Hawaii! Rockin out lovely hair with my lovely clients at the studio. A new puppy and a few concerts here and there.

And it seems that November you are gonna be busy too. It already has been. And I can't believe it's half way over.... Just came back from a Wen by Chaz Dean work trip, booked and busy days at the studio, did a commercial casting shoot for Wen by Chaz Dean international market! And a super quick early booking this morning. Jesse is shooting tomorrow, and I get to see my man in action! I love it! Please don't stop! *knock on wood.. Oh wait, it's not, Starting November 26-December 13. I'll be back east on a 18 day work trip for Wen by Chaz Dean on QVC. He's gonna have a TSV and lots and lots of shows going on! So watch and buy! :)

So yea, December you're looking pretty busy too! Yes! I'm ready! Loves it!!

..... O. M. G.

Exciting news that I haven't mentioned here. after NY fashion week, I was invited to join L'Oreal Professionnel Master Session Artists team! Yeaaaaa!! I am so excited and I am very honored to be part of an amazing group of passionate and majorly talented group of hairstylists! I can't wait to rock it out with you all!