Monday, February 8, 2010

totally scored!

We hit up the Barney's Warehouse sale today down at the Convention Center. And. We. Scored. This is the first of two trips we planned to make to the sale. Today was SUPPOSED to be a just looking trip to see what we were going to snag on the super slashed price last day... but you know how things work out. They had these AMAZING Nicholas Kirkwood for Rodarte bondage heels - the short version of those crazy and impossible once you put them on they aren't coming off thigh high bondage boots from the AW09 collection. Seriously check out Nicholas Kirkwood's site, crazy shoe designer!

Jesse also snagged a super cute pair of YSL booties in black for me (early Valentine's Day gift). Awww! He picked them out and everything. Best husband EVER!!! And does he have good taste in shoes. :) Also you should see him in the isles grabbing shoes. Those trophy wives browsing don't have a chance finding anything when he's around. He's just about throwing elbows when people get near him.

I got him two pairs of jeans - acne blue denim and grey Rag and Bone and a cashmere Vince V-neck sweater. He looks really cute in them! No luck for him on shoes. :(

We dropped our loot off at home and kicked over to Malo for Taco Night. Here's a tip, sit at the bar! You don't have to deal with the slow service or the crabby and dumb hostesses at the door.

Check out the pix!


  1. not sure which outfit He likes more! the tattoos really are sexy!! great heels in both! you are gorgeous!

    want to link exchange?


  2. thanks. :)
    but i have no idea what link exchange means. :/

  3. Girl. I want your shoes!! So cute. Also, I posted about you on Hair on the Brain today! Go check it out. :)

  4. OMG. girl. you are RAAAAAD!! thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!

  5. if you don't mind my asking how much were the Kirkwoods on sale for?

  6. omg. girl it was more than half off. :) let's put it that way.

  7. I think link exchange means he wants to put your link on his blog and he wants you to put his on yours. :)