Sunday, March 14, 2010

saturday hair play.

yay. this is my client jessi. she's been going to me for at least 4 years now. yesterday we lifted her base and her ends. her color was inspired by kate, chaz's wen model on qvc. i also re-shaped her layers since we both want to keep her hair long. i also gave her a more rounded fringe that we both love on her face shape. i love her!!

this is carol. this was her first time with me. this is the longest her hair has been and yesterday we both decided to re-shape her layers so she can wear it wavy and natural since she's a more of a "wake up and go" kind of girl. she had a fancy dinner party to go to that night so we blew it out so it would look more polished. can you believe that is her natural hair color. omg. i was amazed. so pretty.

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