Friday, April 9, 2010

Cherry Bomb

This is Chantal. She's so awesome and fun to talk to... even though she moves A LOT! Such a fidget-er and she knows it. Love her! She originally came in for just a cut. We started talking about her hair color as her roots were lighter than her ends(She did an at home job the other night trying to make it the darkest brown possible - you can see it didn't work!!). Folks this is why I ALWAYS advise to seek a professional to do your hair color(like me obviously!). Because in the end you never really get what you want out of that box and at times you end up having to correct it and pay way more than you should.

Look how rich her color looks now! And check out the cut! We did more layers to keep it long as we both love long hair. Giving her more layers released a lot of the weight that she had. Now her natural waves kick back in so she has the option of wearing it wavy or straight. I love making a hairstyle versatile so when you want to be lazy you can! :D

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