Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bottegga Louie

It's Anna's last night in LA before her long work trip, so we decided to finally eat at Bottegga Louie. It's as pretty as everyone says and it's a must try restaurant if you live in LA. Sitting and eating, if you look out the window you feel like you are in NYC. It was a pretty good meal that was marred by some very poor service by our waitress(who started off so good)... oh well, we got macaroons so you can't be sad about that!!

Wheat beer and a mojito.

Super delish Margherita pizza. (we took most of this home)

Calamari - double delish!

Trenne. (not as good as the waiter said it would be, the fried pasta was like eating raw pasta. blech)

Cheese poof turnover dealie and rare rib-eye. We ordered this medium and in some parts it was basically blue. However our waitress never came back to the table after the food was served (she was in some sort of kitchen meeting but no excuse not to check up on your tables). Once the entrees were served our waitress' tip kept vanishing by the minute. Very poor service.

All of them please! Yums!

Two of each flavor.

A shot from an unpublished blog entry last week.

Expect to see more of this hat.


  1. love these pictures, great outfit, great blog ;)

  2. I've never had macaroons but they look tasty!

  3. awwww that dog is adorable!
    I love your tatt I want one just like it!

    just showing the love,
    Dee xx

  4. a really great and enrinched blog x