Sunday, October 17, 2010

Aids Walk LA 2010

Today we did AIDS walk LA with the Chaz Dean Team and it was pretty awesome. We walked 6 miles or should I say we jogged 6 miles due to Chaz's dogs, Hunter, Spencer, and especially Ella setting a blazing pace for us, yeeeeeeeeeea! Totally should have brought Cooper, maybe next year we will :) It drizzled through out and my awesome sponge roller hair totally fell, waaah waaah! btw keep a look out for a hair tutorial soon!

no wonder a lady asked jesse inside what his plan was for the day. HA!

all four pups were excited to go on the walk!

emo brittany!

the sequined red white and blue head band made it all better!

yea. i'm totally jogging!

this outfit makes me say "totally" a lot!

We thought they would be tired after 6 miles...

and ps. thanks mom and dad for sponsoring us! :)

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