Thursday, July 14, 2011

monocromatic wang

So lately I've been obsessing over a particular item almost every week. who am i kidding. i've always had this problem. one week is finding the most perfect mom denim cut-offs, the next was finding mad vintage swingy mid-calf skirts to wear with tank body suits and vintage belts(which i was planning on making my summer go-to look, and i kept it up for only a few days), another week is wholesale dresses from china, but these past few weeks has been about makeup.

one moment, makeup brushes, the next eyebrows. OMG i am too excited about this, Make Up For Ever brow corrector is LOOOOOOOVE. seriously it's the It looks so natural as long as you apply it correctly.  It doesn't come off till you wash your face. i am so over the moon with this product!! I started with color 0 which is great, it's a taupe color, pretty light but you can build color which I like. Then a few days later I went back to pick up color 3 and color 4 which I love love love. I mix it up! I start off with 0 as a base then add 3 - that seems to be my mix!

But here's a tip: apply with light strokes with the Make Up For Ever brow brush and from there build to the color and coverage you desire - a little goes a long way! I'm very much into thick eyebrows right now and when I apply it, it actually looks like hair! not a pencil or shadow look, like freaking' hair! ugh can you tell I love this product!! Now if I can only find something for my nonexistent eyelashes!

these past weeks, I've also purchased 5 palettes from Coastal Scents. OMG it's such a deal -  so many colors for the price you pay! thanks to everyone on youtube!! i saw many people reviewing coastal scents so highly i figured why not… plus makeup artists all pretty much have this pallette in their kit so it's gotta be good right?!  tonight i used it for the first time and i am super happy!  The colors I used  were nicely pigmented and it blended super pretty and my makeup stayed on all night. It's just as good as when i left the house!

speaking of youtube. you guys have to check out gossmakeupartist! he's freaking awesome! he's a talented working makeup artist with a good sense of humor and from what i've seen gives his honest opinions and he loves blushes which i love love love!! thanks to him i ended up purchasing la femme blushes, he says they compare to top quality makeup brands, if not better!!

and another fun youtube channel i love is heyyyjune. she's this super cute filipino/australian girl with this wicked australian accent. she has great ombre hair with great style and awesome haul videos! love her!

speaking of youtube. I need to make a video and upload a tutorial soon. it's just been mad busy *knock on wood! Love love love that! Traveling a lot back east for Wen by Chaz dean shows on QVC.  I was seriously only at the studio in LA for like two days for the month of June, wow!!! and since we've been back I worked a Wen by Chaz Dean commercial for the Japanese market,  a video shoot for our friend Chris' production featuring some of the dancers from the show So You Think You Can Dance and choreographed by Sonya(who is also on So You Think You Can Dance)  and on top of all that working at the studio rocking out some hair for my lovely and loved clients!!!  It's been super busy and I am totally loving it! 

outfit : dress - h&m. shoes - alexander wang. bag - alexander wang.

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  1. I love the high ponytail hair style! I want those shoes too... :)