Tuesday, October 18, 2011

4 eyes.

I got new frames!! Yaaaaay!

As much as I love my prism glasses, it was time for options since I can't really wear my contacts anymore :( boooooo dry eyes!

A few nyc trips ago my friend Rigo took me along with him to check out the Warby Parker showroom. He ended up getting three pairs and I thought he was cray cray but omg now I know the reason why he did because I ended up ordering three frames myself!

I fell in love with the crosby in black, huxley in tortoise, and tenley in burgundy. I'm tempted to order another crosby in greystone....and I kinda want the griffin in greystone too! Omg.

3 pairs of prescription glasses?!?! And you're thinking holy sheesh is this girl made out of money??!? And does she really need that many glasses? And the answer to the first question is no. And to the second question is yes, I like having lots of options :)

So check this out...This is the best part:

These glasses are not just made of pure awesome but they're so freaking affordable! $95 for prescription anti reflective lenses plus cool hip frames designed by warby parker. and if you have a super strong prescription like I do, (like you can probably see the future when you wear my glasses), for an extra $30 you have the option to the super thin lenses.

So yeah, its a crazy good deal, the price i paid for 3 pairs of glasses is not even half of what i paid for my prisms + prescription lenses. So yes, thank you Warby Parker for giving me options to style my outfits even more.

They have this awesome home try on program where you can try on 5 pairs at no cost for 5 days so you can check out and think about what frames you wanna rock out to. Love!

Go to warbyparker.com for more info. Oh and this isn't a sponsored post, i'm just crazy happy with my frames! :D


  1. Love your new frames. I have three pairs of Prism, and just bought two pairs of Warby Parkers. And I actually just got two pairs from Bonlook, because Refinery 29 is selling a voucher for two pairs of prescription glasses from Bonlook for $99. Crazy cheap! Here's a link if anyone needs affordable prescription glasses.


    I can't wait to see all of your new frames I love these on you.

  2. Thanks girl! I went to opening ceremony for another pair of prisms but they werent really stocked with much. :( I really want another rio in pink or camel and even the new rosegold tokyo is omg.

    Haha the three new frames are posted in the pics. The tortoise and the black look the same in the images.

    I love that you love frames too!!!

  3. They are clearly different colors. I am an idiot! I think I was focusing on the tortoise ones.

    I didn't even know about the rosegold tokyo glasses. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. I've been wanting to get some but my eyesight is horrid! so I was worried about having the tick lenses but for an extra 30bones I'd say it's worth it to get them slimed down! vision boutique prices are ridic and without insurance I'll def be getting some warby parker specs