Sunday, November 13, 2011


October you were a crazy month!!! Packed with shoots. Wen By Chaz Dean shows. Traveling back east for work. Traveling to Hawaii for work with Wildfox. Yes. I finally can say I've been to Hawaii! Rockin out lovely hair with my lovely clients at the studio. A new puppy and a few concerts here and there.

And it seems that November you are gonna be busy too. It already has been. And I can't believe it's half way over.... Just came back from a Wen by Chaz Dean work trip, booked and busy days at the studio, did a commercial casting shoot for Wen by Chaz Dean international market! And a super quick early booking this morning. Jesse is shooting tomorrow, and I get to see my man in action! I love it! Please don't stop! *knock on wood.. Oh wait, it's not, Starting November 26-December 13. I'll be back east on a 18 day work trip for Wen by Chaz Dean on QVC. He's gonna have a TSV and lots and lots of shows going on! So watch and buy! :)

So yea, December you're looking pretty busy too! Yes! I'm ready! Loves it!!

..... O. M. G.

Exciting news that I haven't mentioned here. after NY fashion week, I was invited to join L'Oreal Professionnel Master Session Artists team! Yeaaaaa!! I am so excited and I am very honored to be part of an amazing group of passionate and majorly talented group of hairstylists! I can't wait to rock it out with you all!

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  1. Wow!! What great news, congrats! Must've been amazzzzing going to hawaii and I absolutely love Wildfox's lookbooks.