Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's been a while!!! Sorry we've both been so busy working! Hopefully we can keep posting. :) We went to Wolfslair Biergarten tonight for dinner after work and it was pretty rad! Much better than the place that was there before. See you soon! _DSC4032.jpg




_DSC4020.jpg _DSC4081.jpg








  1. I just love you in those glasses! My brown Prism of Londons have an old prescription in them. With these photos, you are convincing me to get them updated. <3

  2. Yea my frames are prisms too! I love them!!

  3. super! love your hair!!

  4. It's official. I've sent in my Prisms to get new lenses. I mean, they are really the perfect pair of glasses. Nothing else really compares. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Your hair looks amazing!

    Also--I've been admiring your name necklace for a while now, but have NO IDEA where to buy a similar one with the slight curve to it and everything. :( Mind sharing where you got it? Wondering what thickness and type of chain that is, too. I really love it on you!!

  6. Lucy - Sorry, it was custom made by my mom! It's one of a kind. The chain is a flat rope chain. thank you!