Friday, July 6, 2012

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue


First let me just tell you how much i love my wildfox dress, love it! so comfy! i slept in these braids and decided it went with my outfit as i had intentions of wearing my hair like the photos at the end of the post. It's an easy non damaging heatless way of putting some major texture in your hair! Just braid your hair after a shower, let it dry and pull the braids apart, shake it out and run your fingers thru it. It's not meant to be perfect, just to add texture and fun!

_DSC0084.jpg _DSC0100.jpg _DSC0110.jpg _DSC0116.jpg _DSC0118.jpg _DSC0123.jpg _DSC0139.jpg _DSC0140.jpg _DSC0141.jpg _DSC0134.jpg _DSC0136.jpg
Can you tell im taking instagram photos? follow me @annarunswithscissors
dress - wildfox
vest - urban outfitters
clutch - alexander wang
shoes - jefferey campbell(there under there somewhere)

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