Thursday, November 1, 2012



Happy Halloween! We were lucky to be invited by the always amazing Olivia to the Nasty Gal party - which ended up being in a warehouse just down the street from our loft. It was crazy! Packed to the rafters with weirdoes. Jesse was happy to see an amazingly accurate dude who made the night all worthwhile as he was totally in character and without a beat responded with a "right on man" when Jesse talked to him.

As fun as the party was, preparing for halloween was a lot more fun. Once we came up with the idea to be Gothic Lolitas it took a lot of research to put it all together. If you know anything about me, I have to be perfect in anything that I do. We scoured little tokyo, online, called everywhere it was tough to find all the components. Luckily i came across a website called Rakuen and was able to get a dress from them. Jesse was originally going to be a boy version - Elegant Gothic Aristocrat - but was having lots of trouble finding the costume. When he found a dress at American Vintage right when we were about to give up on the idea he joked that he should be a girl - and the idea just stuck. I have to admit it was fun dressing him up and doing his makeup! Can't wait for next year!

_DSC5819 nastyghoul-288 nastyghoul-289 _DSC5721

bonus dogo-ween pic of tiny dancer and sad t-rex.

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