Friday, December 4, 2009

A day at the salon.

went to the studio to do some hair. jesse came along so we can eat lunch together, yummers! while waiting he got his hair cut by chaz, yeeea! it's super rad. i wish you can see his profile, it's a very ewan mcgregor haircut! and while i was waiting for my client's hair to process, cynthia blew my hair out, it looks peeeeerrrty. so we took pictures! :)

these shoes are so awesome. and i can't believe i don't wear them more often. but honestly they have a 5 hour wear time. we went to the beverly center after work and my feet were killing me and then some girl came dying over my shoes and made the pain all worth it.

anna outift:
jumper . forever21
sweater . gap
circle scarf . american apparel
shoes . acne - atacoma wedges

jesse outfit:

jacket . uniqlo
scarf . uniqlo
sweater . uniqlo
denim . uniqlo
shirt and tie . ben sherman
boots. ben sherman

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