Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sierra and Sara!

it's a sierra and sara day.

my girl sierra is here for a few more days till she leaves for new zealand for a year. i've been doing her hair for the past 3 years now and a few months ago she moved to new zealand for a show she got. if you are in new zealand check her show b-guided. you can also check out a few episodes here B-Guided Youtube Channel. today we did color and a dusting since the girl loves her long hair. :) she also gifted me with a super dainty rose gold stud that we now both wear in one ear. our friendship studs. i can't believe i pushed it in one of my old holes with a little help from jesse. omg. hurt!

silly sara. she's had a bob for who knows how long and last week she asked for a new cut from me and of course i was down to do it with the ok from danny since he's usually the one who cuts her hair. i end up keeping the length and adding some shaggy layers so she can rock her pretty waves. i also gave her a new side fringe. today i blew it out so i could refine the cut but on a normal day, i suggested she just wear it wavy and tousled since that was the plan from the get go. it came out pretty awesome if i do say so myself. :)

sierra before :

sierra after :

sara before :

sara after :



  2. Wow, I LOVE Sarah's cut... super cute... I wonder if I could get away with that look!