Monday, January 4, 2010

sunday fun day

i love days like these. pilates. shopping especially when they come in the form of gift certificates, haha. late lunch early dinner at cayenne. and a movie, the imaginarium of dr. parnassus. and a super late snack that turned into breakfast food and grilled cheese at fred 62.

on our way back from picking up Jesse's new glasses from SEE. btw which are so rad and in black matte. while driving i spotted frye boots in the store front for marc by marc jacobs. whah? wait, frye at marc jacobs!? jesse turned back and we checked it out. OMG cute Frye boots but none my size BUT all their sale shoes were an extra 70% off. can you believe that?! i totally scored on these babies i'm wearing in the pics. they kinda remind me of the chloe wrap around wedge boots that i passed on at the barney's warehouse sale. same color and all. oh well. these babies are sick!

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