Friday, January 1, 2010

NYE 2009

2008 was the year of New York City for us and it ended so appropriately with us in Manhattan on New Year's Eve. 2009 was all about LA for us and it was so nice to have a low key dinner at Cliff's Edge in Silver Lake close to home. It was a perfect end to an amazing year for both of us. Dinner was delicious and Cliff's Edge is so romantic!

My husband is so handsome. He actually took longer to get ready than I did. I totally teased him on our car ride to the restaurant for it.

Look how red i am. This was after 2 sips from my mojito. Anytime I drink alcohol I get red. That whole asian flush thing, I suppose. btw, their mojitos are yums!

And here is a shot of our niece Kayla Jane on christmas. Oh my gosh, look at how cute she is?!? I asked her to pose and this is what she did without hesitation. She loves the camera!! Future fashion blogger I'm sure.

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