Monday, February 15, 2010

barneys part 2

We had a pretty eventful Valentines day with breakfast in bed, movies in bed all day and a delish late dinner at Delphine in the beautiful new W Hollywood we ended the night by dancing at Deep. But we still managed to get up early and arrived at the convention center at 9:50am for the final day of the barney's warehouse sale. we got in at 10 to only find out that the sale was not the usual big discount that they normally do on the last day, it was only an extra 25% off the sale price on shoes and boots. boo!!

let me point out, jesse is the best husband ever, he totally ran to the shoes! he was the first one there and he found the co-op leather thigh-high boots that i wanted from our first visit, so excited! also found these little lanvin heels, thinking it was black but its actually a midnight blue. kinda vampy eh?!

jesse totally scored. he got a pair of fiorentini + baker boots, a john patrick organic leather jacket, a pair of J brand denim, another pair of rag & bone denim, and a paul smith visit. the boys sale was sick. seriously, the boys got the good deals!!


  1. Oh man, I almost bought a lace dress EXACTLY like that at Nordstrom. Ugh, why do you have to be my style twin.

  2. girl. i got that dress for under 20 bucks at forever 21 back in the summer. :)