Sunday, June 27, 2010

$1 sundays.

jetrag $1 sundays = way over-rated. no really. if you have the patience and are ok with getting down and dirty to look for finds and if you don't mind dirty fat old men who just happen to be "vintage shopping" too, then go for it!!

i should also warn you to look out for territorial shoppers that will claim a pile that they are looking through on the ground. no really, they do and can be a bit rude about it too! and last but not least, don't forget to bring hand sanitizer!! you totally can not forget that!!!

don't get me wrong, some people seem to have good luck here but the times that i have found stuff, i end up never wearing and eventually end up donating. i've gone a few times and i always think that "this next time will be different" and it's totally not. i pass the white flag on this one and call defeat!

we did manage to score a couple of cute vintage finds inside the store though... so it wasn't the ultimate defeat!! yay!


  1. Where is this jetrag!? I'm always up for thrifting and a bargain.