Sunday, June 6, 2010

lovely day with my love.

my gosh. last night after coming home from the xx show. my husband surprised me with a new alexander wang bag. omg. he is the BEST. two years in a row of wang bags from my love. he is the best.

he first gave me a present which contained american apparel girly socks. socks have been a theme for presents from him. it's now an ongoing joke. he then gave me me a card he made. sooooo sweet right?!?! in the card it contained a $300 self made chanel gift certificate. like full on. chanel bucks on one side. a portrait of karl on the other!! omg he is the best!! haha! this, i later find out was the HAHA present. the fake out.

then he tells me to close my eyes. gives me another card. makes me close my eyes again. and poof my new rocco duffle bag is in my hands. he is the best.

today we decided to celebrate my birthday since i leave town for work tomorrow (my birthday)

we headed to the fairfax flea market and we totally scored on a rad german vintage typewriter. went to fred segal and had a late lunch/early dinner at little next door. yummers. macroons are just yummy deliciousness.

this bag is soooooooooo much lighter than the diego bag. hands down. and the detachable strap is just awesome!!

check these boots out! and to think he didn't want them. we got them at allsaints the other day. so many different ways to wear them..

here he un-tucked one boot out while he tries to pose dramatically with his truck.

get to the flea market. he decides it's too hot to have it tucked in. so he un-tucks them both out and folds them over. silly man. i swear, sometimes i feel like he's more of a girl than i am.

you would think i would find something dope in that rack of vintage shoes. and i never do.


vodka pineapple and a screwdriver!!

the fake out card. and the real deal holyfield.

jesse surprised me with birthday cupcakes from lark!!! yuuuuuuuuums.

awww little boy wants some cake too.


  1. Happy birthday!! & awww hehe such a sweet day your honey did all that for you!


  2. He is a keeper if he gifts you Alexander Wang bags. Happy Birthday.