Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tattoo < 3

our one year anniversary is coming up so we decided to get a tattoo to commemorate it!! we went to my guy Taku. He is AMAZING!! He also did my leg coverup and my Fafi tattoo!! He is so talented and is just plain rad! His new spot is pretty awesome too, Will Rise Studio. Super clean, friendly, spacious, and modern :) Go see Taku if you ever need work done.

<3 we are such nerds!

the meaning behind this was because our first year of being together, he was in canada and i was here in the u.s.. so we did the whole long distance thing, which is kinda nuts!! But luckily we still managed to see each other every month. We did lots of video chats, emails, and texting... hence the <3. we also have <3 inscribed in our wedding bands. lots of meaning behind something so simple <3 jesse you are brilliant for coming up with this tattoo idea <3 i love you and thank you for being the BEST husband ever <3

i also got another tattoo....

taku added the peony today to my previous love tattoo. i love peonies!!! i initially wanted to cover up the LOVE but he gave me the advice to just work with it and i'm so glad i listened to him. having the peony around it makes it look softer... because the "love" by itself made me feel like i was trying to be gangsta, which i am so far from! Taku, hooked it up!! look at the peony!!! it's so beautiful and dainty!! And the colors are WOW!! So in LOVE!

we are so in love with our tattoos!! words can not describe how much we love it. thank you so much Taku! you are the best!! Jesse will be seeing you soon for his sleeve! WHOA!! :)


  1. SOOO sososososo cute!!! Nerdy me looooves it!!!!!!
    I wish I could get a tattoo haha my mom is so against them she'll killllllll me, even though my older sister has like 4 or 5 now -.-

  2. So cute!! And love penoy tattoo too :D