Sunday, November 28, 2010

flea market sunday.

totally scored at the flea market today while jesse scored on shooting fashionable street style girls for rackedLA.

i've been on the search for riding boots but couldn't commit to paying so much on them. today at the flea market, jesse spotted the perfect pair for me. it's exactly what i was looking for. and vintage. only problem is, it's a bit tight on the calves which is so weird because i've never had that issue with a boot before but the vendor assured me it was because it was so cold and vintage that the leather tightened up... so we shall see. if not, i will be heading to a cobbler asap to stretch them out a bit..

on our way out, i spotted a dope faux fur coat. it's being washed as we speak. originally i was going to head to the dry cleaners to get it cleaned but impatient me wanted to get it cleaned asap. it's on the second round in the washer on super gentle. so we shall see how it turns out but i have a feeling it's going to be alright after checking the first wash:)

photos after it's all done.


  1. I was just at the Santa Monica Airport flea market today, they had some really cool jewelry...but I wish it wasn't so pricey

  2. i've never been to the santa monica one. we usually head out to the melrose trading post since it's so close :)