Sunday, February 6, 2011


i just got back yesterday from PA rocking out some hair for Wen by Chaz Dean. i had the weirdest flight ever. it started arriving at the airport and while checking in, notified that the flight was cancelled, re-booked for a later flight that evening. while eating my yummy chik-fil a, i get a phone call from monica, one of the stylists i was flying with, saying that she heard over the intercom that our "cancelled" flight was at final boarding. WHAT? seriously?!?! rushed to the ticketing gate. switched flights again to just barely making it onto the plane minus my luggage that would be arriving in the later flight....

seriously, THE weirdest flight EVER. even THE weirdest set of first class travelers, EVER. guy with a hood and sars mask on in the first row who disappeared after the first hour of the flight. another guy in the front row who was sitting in front of monica ordered like 200 drinks and spilled them everywhere and spent the whole flight being a weird nerdy nuisance. when the plane took off, he seriously put on sunglasses and made jet noises!!! yikes! and throughout the whole flight kept pressing the flight attendant bell asking for more alcohol and other randomness. he ended up getting cut off and still pressed for more flight attendant service. oh he was also talking to himself and did a second round of spillage towards the end of the flight. the guy who switched seats with me so monica and i could sit next to each other, gave crazy death stares to the guy and just laughed about it. i think everyone in the first class cabin was laughing about nerdy nuisance guy, including the flight attendants who told me that they all thought there was something "off" about him....

My bags came on a later flight so we made the best of waiting for them and had dinner at Mama D's in Manhattan beach. delish! walking to the restaurant i spotted a rad sweater at LF which had just closed.

today we slept in(so needed) and bounced over to the LF sale and I scored! 60% off everything! so rad! a pair of shoes, a pair of boots and four dresses! photos of the awesomeness at the very end!

I got these shoes on sale at aldo in PA for $40 bucks! aren't they rad!

We had dinner at Umami in los feliz. always an amazing burger.

They have ice cream sandwiches from Milk on beverly... omg so delish! the cookie is like a macaroon and half of it is dipped in chocolate. probably the best ice cream cookie sandwich EVER.

now on to the goodies!

$24 bucks! Seriously!!!!

these are so east coast shoes. these jeffrey campbell babies are shearling lined all around the leg. LOVE!!

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