Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yesterday once more.

yesterday we were super hungry after doing some running around so we decided to hit up malo for taco night. but we were a little early, so while we were killing time we decided to take 800 pictures as it was the magic hour for light.

this is anna running away because someone was watching her. haha.

this is a tribute pose to one of our fav blogs stop it right now

Sad blue bench waiting for tacos!

this is me doing this:

I got it all wrong - i'm either way taller than elliott or they repainted the mural lower, wrong hand in pocket, looking twoards mcdonalds when i should have been looking at the crackhead donut shop. etc.

FINALLY TACO TIME. Big ups to the shrimp + bacon taco. Mmmmmm. But nothing beats that ground beef and pickle. Double mmmmmmm.


anna - dress : urban outfitters. boots : jeffrey campbell. sweater : Gap. hat : Urban Outfitters. bag : Alexander Wang

jesse - shirt : American Apparel. tie : ben sherman. jeans - H&M. boots - Allsaints. hoody - f21.


  1. So cute! One day we should all three go out during the day so that I can get photos of you two running around posing together. Sound good? GREAT!

  2. love ur style. im your newest follower. xo

  3. love the new photos you guys. anna this outfit knocks my socks off. p.s. your vtg boot collection melts my face. so glad i got to see it in person

  4. Wow. Your blog is so cool. Great style, great hair. I'm a Wen girl, too, but my hair is still no where near as cool as yours! lol. Anyways, I just checked out your how-to vids on youtube. Way awesome. I'm gonna try them both. What kind of blow dryer do you use? I loved that one you had. It was awesome, but I couldn't make out the name. I so hope that I can grow my hair as long as yours someday! You always have the best footwear, too.