Monday, April 25, 2011

Coachella Day 3

day 3 bus ride.


woo coachella day 3!

So there was like only one of these slushy lemonade stands in the whole festival grounds. this stuff was the bomb and I can't believe we didnt find out where it was until day 3.

note to self, knit cap + desert = no bueno.

anna busted out this braid on herself during DFA1979's grating and annoying set. she did it without a mirror. skills.

she even grabbed pieces of hair underneath to incorporate it into the braid to make it look like a fish bone when you pulled the braid up. double skills!


i thought this would be an appropriate pic to end our coachella blog. dead on the hotel floor.

but i got up.

one more cute couple pic.

before i jump off the balcony... post coachella depression!

jk. we made it back without incident.

thank you room 7121! you rock!

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