Monday, April 25, 2011

Coachella Day 1

We rolled into the jw marriott in palm desert WAY early as there was no traffic on the 10. Like crazy early. So we had to wait for a room. It was a very anti-climatic way to start the weekend.

pretty wife!

wasted at 10am! woo coachella! jkjk.

it was actually pretty funny to see all the people who were checking in to the hotel. especially the underage kids who would scream COACHELLA! whenever they saw someone who looked like they were going to the festival.

We got ready and had a little time to kill so... photoshoot!

While we were taking pix a nice lady came up to us and offered to take one of the both of us. Ususally this turns out really bad as most people don't have a clue how to use a real camera, but this lady was pretty good! thanks random lady! ps. double props on shooting it rule of thirds.

We had lunch and drinks in the hotel lobby. Mmmmm best club sandwich ever!

Ok finally on the way to the festival grounds... the driver obviously had never driven there before and kept checking his map and calling in.

Aww look how excited we are... this is before we figured out how freaking FAR they had dropped us off from the main gate of the festival.


Ok after about what felt like 5 miles of walking it was time to get down to serious business. Anna wasn't taking any chances.

the getshaved truck was there! so good!

So this one spot on the polo fields has EPIC lighting at like 4pm. I really wish i had brought my real camera to the festival...

Double meow!

photobomb! this dude was walking so slow to make it in this pic. congrats dude! you did it!

And yes it's THAT DUSTY. thanks coachella, next year we are rocking s.a.r.s. masks.

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