Sunday, October 30, 2011

anniversary (finally)

we finally got to go out to a fancy dinner for our 2 year wedding anniversary... just a month late! haha. we've been crazy busy between work and the new puppy. we had dinner at rivera which is CRAZY delicious, but definitely one of those expensive/tiny portion kinda places. their drinks were amazing! best mojito/margaritas in LA (according to jesse) and the chocolate torte with caramel and pineapples is not to be missed(and you wont miss it, because you'll probably still be hungry after your entrees)... but the best part of the night was the floor in the entrance to the met lofts next door. it lights up! kinda like piano floor in Big but without the music.

ps. HOW CUTE is my new clutch that i scored at the American Apparel flea market sale for $1. ONE DOLLAR. and yes, it's all i've been talking about. in fact this whole outfit is a total score. vintage skirt/jumper pants for 2 bucks thrifted, tanktop 4 bucks from AA, shoes on sale at UO for 29 bucks(originally 300+), and hat for 9 bucks.

*missing are pix of the appetizers and desert... they got munched asap.


  1. Congratulations!Excellent buy on that cluch.

  2. Love your ensemble. You are so cute!