Saturday, December 3, 2011

Breaking news...

yes i'm a nerd.


  1. aw too cute!!

  2. Hi anna. I want to ask for your opinion on blow dryers since you are amazing at what you do!

    I have the turbo power 2600 blow dryer and am looking to upgrade. I'm considering purchasing the turbo power 3500 since it's a safe bet, but I'm also interested in the sedu. What is your favorite and what do you recommend?

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  4. Hi! Thank you!

    I'm currently using a Valera dryer which i love love love! I've been using it for a while now with some hiccups here and there trying out other dryers. The Sedu is what I use in my blowdry tutorials and I have passed it onto an assistant of mine. There is nothing wrong with the sedu, just loving the valera. I also have two twin turbos which i use occasionally, they are also rad dryers. I have a lot of dryers. haha. Also you can never go wrong with the super solanos. I hope i havent confused you!!! I'm very much about function but also the weight and feel as I do a lot of blow drys so the little things matter a lot to me.