Sunday, December 18, 2011


Here are my cutie boys! We try to take mookie everywhere so he gets socalized in a lot of situations. (for those who ask, we do still have cooper but mookie learns better on his own. Once he's been in enough situations we'll bring coopy.)

High Five!

So last night at the salon's holiday party(pix to come!) our good friend samantha was wearing the most amazing dress. she got it at Spellbound Sky which was hosting a sample sale for brian lichtenberg and grey antic. so today we decided to check it out hoping there would still be some stuff left and OMG there was!!! major score! I got 2 brian lichtenberg dresses, 2 tank tops and 6 grey antic desses for crazy cheap!

first brian lichtenberg dress... with hood!!!(jessica simpson shoes)

second brian lichtenberg dress... amazing!(Lanvin shoes)

one of the grey antics dresses.  they are all so cute!

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