Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I need to start making more hair tutorial videos. I think I've said that a few times, but no really, I should. Today I stumbled on my own video today on youtube and watched it and the end result of this tutorial is frickin' sick! Dude, I know it's my hair but OMG it's insane! Color and cut was done by Chaz Dean(thank you!) and speaking of, i recently got a new color and cut from Chaz - here's a hint, I'm back to light - and peace out ombre! Pix soon!

this is jesse, the above video is great too, especially at 8:24. :)


  1. You should totally do some more tutorials. I recently stumbled across your channel and absolutely love the hair videos. They are super helpful and show me that someone can actually do their own hair just as well as having it done by someone else at a salon.

    I look forward to any new videos you may be posting!

  2. Hi Anna-lee! i love your tutorials too! It's funny that you re-posted the VS hair video recently because I was looking for online inspiration and came across your video which brought me back to your blog. Lo and behold, here it was again!

    If you ever need a hair model, you can use me as your blank canvas. I'm not joking.. haha :)

    Hope all is well! Ran into Jesse downtown a couple weeks ago.