Tuesday, June 1, 2010

hair. hair. hair.

these were from last saturday!!

rebecca came in for her birthday hair and wanted to be lighter, so i gave in and did it! it is summer after all!! can you believe that rebecca's highlight is all done with hi-lift color and with really low volume developer plus no heat! yes! so awesome what a little color theory and patience will do :) at the studio we are all about the health and integrity of the hair my friends :) and yes. that is ALL of rebecca's hair!! OMG! <3

i did color on christina. actually we did her base color and then i added some lowlights in there because it was looking a little flat and brassy, plus i wanted some of her lighter pieces to pop. check below, i think it worked ;)

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  1. Lovely hair! I need to get mine touched up - my roots are coming in.