Sunday, November 21, 2010

small gift.

We went to the Sanrio 50th Anniversary party in santa monica. It was F'N COLD AND WINDY. Anna was dressed for cuteness not for standing out in the cold for an hour... more on that later. First some outfit shots...

When we got there we heard the security guards talking about an hour and a half wait. What? Couldn't be... Unfortunately when we finally made it to the entrance there was a HUGE line, like 200-300 people. We decided to wait it out as we drove all the way out there...

When we finally got in... CHAOS.

Anna got some ice cream.

We checked out the art.. which was probably the best part (and the only part without a line)

There were giant balloon heads of the characters, like mighty gods in the sky.

Thank you to the lady who told me I was doing this wrong... you'll see on the bottom right i finally put my head thru the hole. thanks random lady!

Nothing says hello kitty like nachos and a churro?

Anna's new car.


It was a long wait for the bus. :(


  1. Lol...I saw you guys at the event today (we were leaving and you guys were walking in) and I was like, "That's Anna Lee and Jesse! I love their blog!" I would have said hello, but I too nervous to do so. You guys are adorable!

  2. You should've said hi, because we forget that other people read this.... It would have freaked the shit out of us. :D

  3. Anna, I love your new hair color! What color did you guys use in the salon?

  4. Thanks girl! We use majirel and inoa both l'oreal products.

  5. I completely saw Anna on the plane a few days ago and I was nervous too. :[ I didn't want to be a goob and be like "I love yer blog!!" So, I just creeped and smiled.

    Sorry for being creepy, and love your blog. :]

  6. glamazombie - what are you serious?! that would have been awesome if you did! :)