Sunday, November 28, 2010


Totally scored this vintage sweater from Wasteland and I kinda love it! I'm a little nuts on oversized vintage sweaters at the moment and over the knee socks(of which I bought almost every color from American Apparel on black friday).

oh and i'm totally wearing a mini-skirt under this. kinda hard to tell in the photos but i'm definitely rockin' the world's shortest skirt that i didn't know was the world's shortest skirt until i got to work to pick a tube of color that fell from the counter, totally bend with the knees moment....

and yay! look at jesse! he's wearing an oversized cable knit funnel scarf which he was so hesitant on purchasing and now he's been wearing it two days straight. all i have to say to you love is, i told you so ;)


  1. You look adorable! I'm totally copying your giant sweater/tiny skirt/high socks look, except over thermals to cope with the Dutch winter. Speaking of - where did you get those boots from? I loves them.

  2. I also love oversized sweaters too. Very cute!

    clothes are cute

  3. thank you!

    the boots are from FRYE.. i believe i got them through

  4. your glasses make me too happy!!