Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long Beach

So we got up early on this beautiful sunny sunday morning to kick it out to long beach to check out the (from their website) LONG BEACH ANTIQUE & COLLECTIBLE FLEA MARKET held every 3rd Sunday in Long Beach, California. Over 800 dealers feature a huge selection of antiques, collectibles, vintage items and home furnishings for sale at bargain prices. Established in 1982, this event was named one of the TOP TEN FLEA MARKETS IN THE U. S. by Good Housekeeping Magazine and THE BEST SWAP MEET in Los Angeles by L. A. Magazine.

Well that all sounds great so we of course had to check it out...

One map. Check!

I'm really disappointed I didn't get this table. Whenever I saw something crazy that I liked I would say to Anna "I want that" to which she would reply "OK get it!" Best. wife. ever.

Cute sweater, but unfortunately she didn't realize it smelled like B.O. and she was freaking out about it all day after that... oh and it was missing the belt. :(

Churro and Water time!

Should have got this too. :(

After a while it all starts to blend together and the sun starts to mess with you. We left and kicked it back home to meet lexi. Anna was styling her hair for an event she had tonight.

Cooper had to get in this post. He was way crazy today

the master at work. :) ps. check out the cute panda slippers! :D

Anyone remember Eddie from Fraiser? Yeah, cooper does that staring thing too...

Anna's sun burn! yikes! no more bracelets for her.


  1. Flea market churros are THE BEST! And awww Cooper is a cutie!!


  2. ahaha love this post, full of great photos, thats what i like to see, that dog is adorable!

  3. love the blog. what camera do you use? hi there! yay for mutual friends. :D i hope to see you around some time. love love and more love. i'm glad you enjoy the blog. i hope it's not off putting. hahha. come by again and say hi :)