Thursday, July 22, 2010

best of LA

Yay! Chaz Dean Studio won best no suds salon in the 2010 issue of Los Angeles Magazine's best of LA issue. How awesome is that?!!?

It was held at the Fairmont hotel in Santa Monica. They had this amazing tree right smack in the middle of the event. I just wanted to climb onto it!

The event had hour d'evers that looked yummy and an open bar with cocktails mixed with boysenberry and cucumber, it's as if it was at a Chaz Dean party. I wish I could tell you how yummy it was but I can't, awwwww :( Earlier in the week, I had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction. OUCH! So my food intake is a bit limited. Soft foods only. I did however took bits of the chicken croquette, that was yums!!!

It was a fun night with everyone! Congrats Chaz on the issue!!

After leaving, I was still hungry so Jesse suggested some Pho. We ended the night getting hipster pho! Yum! It's really not called hipster pho, we just kinda nicknamed the place since it's basically just a bunch of hipsters that go! Lex, Sarah, and her man Andrew met up with us and Lex showed us a new way to eat Pho....maybe I'll post the video to share with you all :)

anna - ecote military jacket. american apparel tank. lanvin heels. alexander wang rocco duffle

jesse - all saints

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