Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hallway 2: The Villains Tavern.

Second hallway post today!  woo!

So we got hungry and decided to go out and try the ramen at daikokuya... which is something we've been trying to do ever since we moved downtown.  However, there is always a huge line there or as was the case tonight... no parking. :(  so no ramen for us. 

However, all was not lost as we decided to check out VILLAINS TAVERN - which opened its doors 3 days ago and is literally a 1 minute walk from our loft.  When I heard it was by the same person who owns the 4100 bar in silver lake I was super excited as that was Anna and my place to go for drinks in Silver Lake.  So expectations were high and we weren't disappointed!  Its got a huge patio, two bars, free onsite parking AND they serve food!  Yay!  Instant new hangout for us.  It's crazy to see this place here as we're on kind of on the edge of a wasteland, but it is very, very welcome. But seriously this place looks like a tim burton movie set. So cool to have it right next to us!  woo! only in LA! 

anna - aritzia TNA flannel. frankie b skinny jeans. silence and noise tank. aldo wedges. alexander wang rocco duffle

jesse - all saints leather jacket and boots. h&m top


  1. love your look and the shoes are amazing.xx

  2. loving this grungey outfit - it's right up my alley AND i still need a tail key chain to put on my purse :(

    hey hopefully you've voted if you haven't please do! and vote for your fave (hehe fingers crossed that it's fvncy) pass it on!


  3. I totally adore this look. The shoes and the plaid are amazing.