Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hollyrod 2010 DesignCare event - Naeem Khan

Here are some backstage photos from the Naeem Khan Autumn/Winter 2010 collection show for the 12th annual Hollyrod Fashion DesignCare event last night held at Ron Burkle's estate.

I was so excited that it was his collection we were doing this year. I love his designs and seeing the pieces up close and the level of detail that he puts in each piece is seriously incredible. His wife's Ranjana Khan accessories were off the chain, literally!! so funky and edgy. Husband and wife duo collaborations are just the best!! ;)

Mad props to Chaz, Cynthia, Hector, Rigo, Tyron, and myself (ha!) for rocking out the disheveled elegance look of a messy pompadour and french twist combination. We couldn't have done it without the help from Jessica, Danny, Shiri, and Brittany.

Congratulations to Chaz for receiving the Angel on the Path award!

Jesse and I didn't really get to walk around and check out the event since he was also busy shooting photos for Chaz while I was pretty much busy backstage all night. But here are some photos from backstage to check out :)

actress and friend Kerri Lynn Pratt


  1. This is awesome, girl. It's neat to see my career 2,000 miles away :) It's so glamorous in your neck of the woods!
    And you look great. You look like you should be up there in those clothes.

  2. aww thanks aura! seriously if you lived out in LA, i would try so hard to get you to become part of our team :)

  3. your hair is gorg! and i want to learn how to do my hair in an updo like that, total fab! come follow me xoxo