Wednesday, July 28, 2010


awesome thirft finds today.  long crochet dress that i've been searching for in deep purple. margiela dress. and a blouse/jumper dealie.

we also checked out it's a wrap. it's basically a thrift store that contains wardrobe from film and television productions. all pretty much new items for super cheap. their pricing was kinda wierd though. some items where i thought would totally be high were super low and vice versa. hmmm?!?!

i scored on some frankie b super shredded skinny jeans from the set of cbs ghost whisperer.  jesse scored too. he got a super soft cashmere sweater from nbc heros and a john varvatos shirt from the set of cbs criminal minds. which happens to be one of my favorite shows!! yeaa!

anna - forever21 dress. silence and noise tank. alexander wang rocco duffle


  1. The guy from Criminal Minds is going to be my boyfriend. Matthew Gray Gubler. Just you wait!

  2. is that your apartment??? wow amazing!!!! i unfortunately, still share a room with my sister which also happens to be my mom's ):

  3. hey denise. thank you!! and yes, that's the hallway that leads to our loft, crazy right :)