Saturday, March 26, 2011

i don't knowwwww!

I love my husband! After work today we went to get a cover for my new iPad2. Jesse got me one for traveling and it's so RAD. I picked the tan leather apple smart cover... there really wasnt much to choose from at the apple store or bestbuy. I really wanted the DODOcase, but couldn't wait for it as i'm leaving for QVC on Monday morning. Don't forget to watch all day April 2nd for some yummy Wen By Chaz Dean products!! :)

ps. props to jesse again for finding this skirt upstairs at the Woori Market. No really! Can you believe that? It's from a grocery store... Little Tokyo is awesome!! It had a satin lining underneath and right when we got home he helped me cut it out for some amazing transparent goodness! $20 well spent!

pps. i also did my color myself again... can you tell? :)


  1. It's moments like this that make me hate living in Spain. I want, no I NEED this skirt!!!

    Have you seen anything like it in an online store??


  2. i haven't actually but next time we go to that market, we'll check and see if they have anymore!

  3. Thank you!!! It's just so incredibly cool!

  4. Hello Anna :)I like the outfit you are sporting here, it is very well put together. It radiates security and humbleness from your soul despite your bubbly side :)