Monday, March 14, 2011

Rose Bowling

Today was a perfect sunny day and we made a trip out to the rose bowl flea market. On the way there we realized that we had lost an hour due to the time change.... we were sooooo close to actually doing something in the morning. haha! I guess it's a sign that we shouldnt try. We haven't been to the rose bowl in quite a while and the last time we were there it was like 95 degrees and we wandered around like we were lost in a desert. Thankfully this trip we had a plan and were able to walk the whole flea market and check out almost every booth. We scored some rad gold frames in great shape - one for $20 and one for $5 bucks! We also picked up a vintage iron fan and Anna got some boots and a tank top (for Coachella (of course!)).


the whole day i felt cooper's presence... i don't know why...

yes, i made her do this.

loot! we also got a free military surplus bag from the guy we bought the fan from. thanks!

After the flea market we had lunch at el compadre and drove down to melrose to look for a flat brimmed hat for Coachella for me.

So close... she forgot to draw in a mustache today.

sometimes i think anna is a better photographer than i am.

Right after this we got a parking ticket. Thanks for ruining our perfect day city of los angeles parking enforcement officer!

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  1. i love your blog, u probably have been asked before but what is anna's leg tattoo?